Takako Chigusa (runrightby) wrote in royaleplay3,
Takako Chigusa

[OOC: Beginning?]

I believe the official start of Royale Play 3 (side RPs in journals are fine now) will be March 11th. This gives us an excuse to gather more members before actually jumping into the whole roleplay.

In other terms, I'm thinking the majority of college classes will start on that date, reinstated after winter break. You don't have to actually pick classes for your character, unless you want to, seeing as how the majority of the roleplaying will be outside class. However, I would like to keep a basic timeline in the RP, so that date is necessary.

I am also planning to have a master list of logs, categorized by month, in case you ever need to go back and find a certain one. This, again, will help enforce the timeline.

Thanks a bunch for your patience and I hope you're having fun,
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