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Takako Chigusa

[Rules and Regulations]

General Rules

[01] Respect the admin and your fellow members. Being rude is a quick way to aggravate someone and get you kicked out of the roleplay.
[02] If you see someone breaking a rule, do not take matters into your own hands. Report it either admin or a moderator.
[03] Do not god-mode. This includes making your character invincible or controlling another character in your post without there permission.
[04] Type in paragraph format and try to use correct spelling and grammar. A few mistakes are understandable but every sentence is really pushing it.
[05] No one-liners. It'll kill the log quickly and we can't have that, now can we?
[06] Anything that would make a log go above a PG-13 limit must be marked with the proper warnings. This is to protect people who don't want to read about certain content.
[07] Romance of all kinds is allowed here. If you're against a certain type, just don't read it.
[08] Stay in-character. If your character has a drastic personality change it had better be backed up with character development.

Posting Rules

[01] Role-playing takes place either over IM or through comments to a log.
[02] All entries must be posted in this format:

Subject: [Characters In The Log] Witty Title (Well, it doesn't have to be witty) [Complete/Incomplete]

Characters: Who's in the log. Yes, again.
Location: Where the log is taking place.
Time: Time the log is taking place.
Rating: What rating the log is. Use typical movie ratings (G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17).
Warnings: Anything that makes the log "questionable".
Summary: Just give a brief description of what happens in the log.

<---- LJ-CUT ----->

The actual log or first post of the log (depending on where you roleplayed).

<---- END LJ-CUT --->

The administrators may change these rules at any time.
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